Kastelorizo is located in the eastern part of Greece, near the Turkish coast of Asia Minor. In antiquity and during the Byzantine period the island was called "Megisti". It is the biggest island in a cluster of 14 small islands. It took its current name due to the Venetian castle on Kokkinos Vrahos (Red Rock) or "Castello Rosso" in Italian. In fact Kastelorizo is a small island with an area of only 9 square kilometers. It is arid and rocky, like a rock emerging from the sea. There are no sandy or pebbly beaches here, only rocks that can be ideal for a dive into the deep blue waters.

This small place has an interesting historical background which starts from the Neolithic era and progresses in parallel with the rest of the Dodecanese. In the first decades of the 20th century, the island saw great economic prosperity thanks to shipping and trade. In the capital of the island you can still see the small and colorful neoclassical buildings, which are characterized by elegance and simplicity.

The economic prosperity and increase in population that took place in the beginning of the last century were interrupted abruptly by the bombings of World War II. This also caused extensive damage to the infrastructure of the island and led to the migration of many residents. For several centuries after this event, Kastelorizo was a poor island of the barren line with a few residents and limited infrastructure. In 1992 the film "Mediterraneo” brought the island back in the foreground. Since then Kastelorizo has developed a lot and even acquired a cosmopolitan aura without losing its authenticity and traditions.  

There are not many vehicles on the island and there is only one road which connects the airport to the port. You can enjoy a walk on the dock or take the boat to nearby islands.

How to get there:

  • By ship: The island is connected to the port of Piraeus every fortnight. Alternatively you can go to Rhodes, which has a frequent ferry connection to Kasos. The journey from Rhodes to Kasos takes about five hours.
  • By plane: The island has a small airport which is connected to the airport of Rhodes, which is connected to several airports across the country and abroad.